Anja Huwe, born in Hamburg, Germany. 
Lives in Hamburg, works globally. Anja worked for several years in photography and studied at the Hamburg Institute of Design with a concentration in illustration. At the beginning of the 1980s she was one of the founding members of the band
“X mal Deutschland“ and was their iconic lead singer.

“X mal Deutschland” has been recognized as a significant influence on the Avantgarde, the European “New Wave“ and is considered one of the most significant and inter-nationally renowned European formations of its days.

Under the umbrella of 4 AD records and in cooperation with legendary Vaughan Oliver’s design company 23 Envelope open doors to the world. The band toured major metro-politan hotspots across the planet for several years and she connected to the most influential artistic underground scenes around the globe.

With former residences in London, New York, Berlin and now Hamburg, Anja connected to artists of various styles and genres and created an authentic and cosmopolitan band that was open to all significant cultural influences of diverse backgrounds, without forgetting her roots.

Music, fashion, paintings, photography, videos - all this was tied into a concept, which, headed by Anja Huwe as its icon, turned into a broader and more encom-passing field: the translation of music into an expression of a way of life.

In the late 1990s she became producer and leading editor of the international operating German music station VIVA TV, and paused her active career as an artist.

Anja designed and introduced the electronic underground programming geared toward the post rock generation. She was producer and editor of the two influential techno shows “HouseFrau“ and “Trance“.

Film shoots from Sydney to Reykjavik, inclu-ding art features, rockumentaries and artist portraits were complemented by her contri-butions as a freelance writer for various TV stations and print publications. They are the link to her specific interest - a new debate in music: the new, different, aesthetic and synesthetic translation of sounds and tones.

After returning to the freelance arts, the “Dare to Be Different“, color & brand development for a British cosmetic brand Illamasqua brought her back to London as an Art Team Member.

Still deeply passionate about music, Anja also became patron for the “Center for Popular Music“, at the Cultural Institute in Hamburg.

The end of the millennium rang in the main focus of her current creative endeavors: paintings. In her works she manifests the transformatio of sensory experience in a new, unseen way. They cause space to resonate and become space themselves.

The observer is unmistakably faced with questions which would never appear in figurative paintings:
How does blue sound?
What is the note of red?
What creates harmonies, what dissonances?

Anja Huwe’s paintings give answers. On first impression, they seem abstract, coincidental, well-sounding - but hard to comprehend. But on further observation, they open dimensions, which irritate and yet capture at the same time. The eye alone cannot grasp the depth of the work: the paintings entice to be touched, to be experienced in the truest sense of the word.

Involuntarily one reaches out in order to recognize oneself in the texture of the work. The surface grows beyond the two-dimensionality and encompasses the third dimension, space, and therefor opens up interpretations that go farther than the visual.

Anja Huwe’s works are music.

They oscillate in space, and, depending on lighting and angle, open up chords, verses, rhythms and structures. Her paintings can only be heard with the eyes.

Like music on canvas.